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About Us

Arabic Call Center is an outsourcing firm headquartered in San Carlos, California and operates in Makati City, Philippines.

A year after we were established in 2006 as a telemarketing startup, our founders moved company operations to our current Philippine facilities. We have since expanded our services, becoming a provider of outsourced voice and non-voice customer support services. We owe much of our success to the Philippines’ culturally diverse workforce where we source bilinguals and native speakers of Arabic languages. Doing this, our clients get to have a staff of language-skilled experts who can converse with Arabic-speaking customers without any language restrictions and issues in cultural context.

Our customer support solutions are delivered via multiple platforms: phone, email, and live chat. Using these as our main channels for extending assistance, businesses outsourcing to us get a multi-channeled customer service unit. We do this using our boutique-style business approach, where clients have the power to customize their offshored services and complete control over their outsourced staff. This is the same approach that helped us earn the trust of our current clientele, which is composed of Fortune 500 companies, massive online review websites, and budding enterprises from all over the world.