3-Point list for a call center reputation check

To make the most out of your outsourcing venture, you have to make sure that the company you’ll be partnering with has established a spotless reputation. Especially now that call center fraud is on the rise, brands have to be extra careful when it comes to putting their trust in an outsourcing firm. Choosing an unreliable team of customer service providers can put your relationship with Arabic customers at risk.

Assessing the reputation of your prospective bilingual call center will help you narrow down your choices. Thus, you’ll be able to make a decision more quickly. To help you in screening your prospects, here are the three major things you should consider when checking the background of your future outsourcing partner.


1.     Check with previous clients.

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Part of doing a thorough background check is knowing what others are saying about your prospective call center. Hearing what people, who have actually worked with the outsourcing firm, have to say will give you an actual view of their performance. Make sure that the feedback you’re getting is unbiased, though. Ask a lot of questions and break down the stories into the most specific details. Also, it may be necessary to hear both sides of the story so you can make a more logical decision.


2.     Investigate cases of fraud.

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Fraud is becoming more and more widespread across firms providing business process outsourcing (BPO) services. The important thing to look at is how a bilingual call center trains its employees to be honest and dedicated to their work. It’s also worth paying attention to the measures that the company implements to ward off possible malicious actions or intent. And lastly, if your prospective outsourcing partner has been involved in a fradulent case, investigate how they handled it.


3.     Talk to employees.

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Great customer service is a reflection of great company culture. Employees who feel valued and appreciated by their team are likely to be high performers. Company culture has also something to do with attrition and turnovers, which can be a frightening challenge for many brands. When choosing a call center to deliver your Arabic BPO services, make sure that its core values are aligned from the inside out.


Don’t decide to partner with any outsourcing firm if you haven’t conducted a thorough background check first. Although it may be time-consuming, knowing everything about your prospective BPO company will prepare you for a smoother business partnership.



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