3 Tips to strengthen your partnership with a call center

Once you’ve found the right call center for your firm, forming and maintaining a good relationship with them should be your next priority. Doing so promotes mutual trust and enables both parties to make the most out of their outsourcing deal.

However, building a solid business partnership with your customer support provider is something that doesn’t happen overnight. This process requires a great amount of time and effort.

To help you out, here are three basic ways to improve and strengthen your relationship with an offshore company.


1.     Communicate with them regularly.

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Strong business partnerships are a product of clear communication. You must be able to share your thoughts and ideas with your business partner in an honest manner. This way, you can set well-defined objectives and address issues before they lead to bigger problems.

Scheduling regular meetings, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, is important so you and your call center can always keep each other updated about work-related matters. To make this possible, you and your colleagues must decide on what channel to use. Even if you can’t physically meet with them, there are plenty of online communication modes you can use, such as emails, video conferences, and instant messages.


2.     Listen to their inputs.

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To work together harmoniously with your customer support provider, both of you must be willing to listen to one another. Make it a point to solicit suggestions and insights from the offshore company you’ve partnered with. Recognize that they’re experts in their fields and that they can help you build powerful business strategies. However, they must also be willing to do this for you. This way, both of you can gain a clear understanding of each other’s goals, expectations, and priorities.


3.     Trust your business partner.

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As a brand manager, it’s natural to be protective over some aspects of your operations. For instance, entrusting your customer support to an offshore provider isn’t that easy. That’s why you must carefully evaluate a call center’s capabilities, resources, and culture before signing an official deal with them. But after this phase, you should allow them to do their job independently.

Although you need to provide a clear direction for your outsourced project, this doesn’t mean you must monitor their every move. Remember not to micromanage your offshore partner so as not to give the impression that you don’t trust them. Instead, give them some space and trust them to follow the standards you’ve set together.



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