4 Call center trends to consider before you outsource

Like many other industries, the landscape of customer service is constantly evolving to account for people’s changing behavior. As more and more customers are exposed to a fast-paced and technology-packed environment, their needs and preferences are becoming more complex. This influences their behavior as consumers and their expectations about the kind of customer service that they deserve.

In the face of this kind of dynamism, the number one task of business leaders is to quickly adapt to the customer service landscape in order to offer the best possible service. This gives birth to emerging trends that contact centers must embrace. To do this, many organizations are looking into outsourcing to an offshore call center as a viable way to champion customer satisfaction. Outsourcing companies are also growing as a response to this growing need.

But before you outsource, consider this question: can your contact center keep pace with these four emerging industry trends?


1.     Contact centers are focusing on customer-centric services.


More and more contact centers are seeking new ways to make their services more customer-oriented. Slowly, quantitative performance metrics are losing their prime position as main markers of success.

Owing to the hype regarding personalization, companies are now learning to make customers the center of every transaction.


2.     Technology keeps expanding the multichannel options.

With the quick proliferation of numerous devices and virtual platforms for communication, customer service channels are not limited to phones. Even live chat has become quite an old trend in the industry. Newer channels such as social media, video communication, and SMS transactions are taking the spot for emerging platforms that could provide customers a better experience.


3.     How firms reach out to their clients reflect customer care quality.

The definition of customer engagement has also evolved. Today, customer engagement means proactively reaching out to your customers before they contact the company. A call center company can do this by sending a quick chat message to visitors of their business websites or by emailing users to inform them of new services. Providing customers with relevant content can help them make sound purchase decisions.


4.     There is a need to keep technology in one streamlined place.


As technology is branching out to give rise to new methods, practices, and both hardware and software, IT management is becoming more challenging. Progressive outsourcing companies can resolve this by streamlining various technologies into one single platform that oversees all processes. This will be a bigger challenge to overcome, as it requires a highly specialized set of skills.


As a business leader only settling for the best options, it is your job to ensure that your professional partners are at par with your standards. The changing customer landscape presents the need to adapt to emerging trends and practices. So, before you outsource, make sure that you have considered the factors that really matter for your business.



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