5 Best practices for training contact center agents

Having a solid training program ensures the success of your company’s customer support strategies. It serves as customer service guidelines that will enable your call center to bridge the gap between you and your consumers. As a result, it drives the customer experience, refines your company’s reputation in your industry, and encourages brand loyalty.

And all these are especially critical for multilingual brands expanding to new markets. Here are five best call center training practices you need to consider to provide the best training to your Arabic call center agents.


1.     Let agents know that they’re a crucial company asset.

During training, let agents know how valuable they are to the business. Aside from letting them know that their efforts greatly help in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, it’s also an employee engagement strategy that motivate them to perform well and commit to the goals. Over time, this would help your call center build long-lasting customer relationships.


2.     Ask your top-performing agents to mentor others.

Ask your top agents to attend your call center’s training sessions. Encourage them to share their expertise and experiences to other team members. This way, your new hires will gain practical insights from their co-workers, helping them execute their tasks well.

In addition, asking your top agents to mentor others can also be considered a form of leadership training. Such activities will let them get a feel of what it’s like to guide others, thus preparing them for managerial roles.


3.     Let trainees listen to call recordings.

Instead of just discussing customer support concepts with agents, you can also let them listen to recordings of previous calls. Because they’re derived from actual conversations, recordings can arm agents with practical and actionable insights on how to provide an outstanding customer service.

You may pick specific recordings that would help you demonstrate a particular situation, policy, or concept. For instance, you may choose those that exemplify effective conflict or issue resolution. By listening to recorded calls, agents can better understand the concepts or strategies being discussed during training sessions.


4.     Demonstrate the ideal ways to solve a problem.

Agents should be able to figure out the most effective solutions to any concerns that customers may have. So, aside from teaching them as much as you can about your business, products, and other solutions, it’s also best to provide them with comprehensive list of sources that they can refer to. These could be your knowledge database, company guidelines, product manuals, and others. Also, let agents know that they can communicate with other departments to get the answers they need.


5.     Provide refresher courses.

Call center training must be a continuous process, though it need not always take place in a formal classroom setting. You can also provide regular coaching and feedback to agents whenever necessary. In addition, providing refresher courses is also important. This way, you can remind your agents about the most important guidelines they should keep in mind during customer interactions.



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