5 Reasons to partner with a bilingual call center

More and more companies are seeking to outsource their contact center services to Asian countries, particularly to the Philippines. Many providers in this area employ a multicultural workforce, which lets them deliver customer support in multiple languages. This capability gives them an edge over third-party firms that deliver monolingual or English-only customer service.

A workforce that consists of multicultural agents tends to be more culturally sensitive, and this lets international brands communicate effectively with customers from different locations or backgrounds.

A bilingual call center can thus help you connect with diverse market sectors in different parts of the world. But in addition to this, here are five other things they can do for your brand.


1.     Respond to your customers quickly.

call center agent in customer service call with wall clock in background

One major benefit of outsourcing your customer care is that you can quickly attend to clients’ requests or complaints. Depending on your setup, you can have your contact center provide 24/7 services for your clientele. That way, you’ll be able to accommodate customers’ concerns in a timely manner, regardless of time zone differences.


2.     Free up time for your key functions.

Another benefit of outsourcing is that you’ll have a team that focuses solely on delivering your customer support. This lessens your workload and thus allows you to concentrate on your core expertise. By working with a reliable partner, you can direct your attention toward the critical functions that can help your company grow.


3.     Handle a large volume of transactions.

middle eastern call center operator with red telephone receivers hanging in background

Many companies struggle to stay on top of the volume of customer calls and transactions they get. With an outsourced bilingual call center, you can accommodate more queries and concerns, which lets you form good relationships with consumers. This way, you can make sure that each of your customers are happy with your services.


4.     Communicate with a culturally diverse clientele.

If you’re aiming to capture a foreign market sector, keep in mind that they may be using a different language. They may also have different cultures, traditions, and beliefs.

Considering all these, a bilingual or multilingual call center can help you penetrate diverse markets. By arming you with a multicultural workforce, these firms can help you establish meaningful relationships with customers from different backgrounds. Equipped with a working knowledge on various cultures and languages, these firms can effectively tailor their communication styles to suit clients’ preferences.


5.     Provide multichannel support.

smiling bearded call center agent using tablet

Most customer service companies offer multichannel support. They utilize different platforms such as social media, email, SMS, and the phone in order to capture customers’ varying preferences. In a highly digitized world, this is one of the best ways to personalize and enhance the customer experience.

By partnering with a bilingual contact center, you also gain this capability in an instant. This allows customers to reach you in ways that are convenient to them, helping you create a positive impression.



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