Contact center management: The benefits of keeping your agents happy

As call center managers, it’s important that you find ways to keep your agents satisfied with their jobs. Managing your contact center’s human resources and making sure that your work culture remains positive can prevent serious organizational problems, such as employee attrition and poor service levels.

Aiming to improve agent satisfaction can be challenging, especially since working in a call center can be a stressful job. But once you have a solid contact center management strategy in place, the benefits can be rewarding. Here are some of the advantages of keeping a positive work environment in your call center.


1.     Customer experience


The productivity of your employees is highly influenced by their work environment. So when a call center agent is motivated to do his job well, he is more likely going to be friendly over the phone and more diligent with his tasks compared to someone who is not happy with his working conditions. Giving your agents reasons to report to work daily will make them better providers of customer service.


2.     Loyalty


An employee who sees stability with his work will invest in building a long-term relationship with his colleagues. These interpersonal connections can strengthen agent loyalty and improve retention rates. More loyal employees assured that a call center will have a stable and dependable workforce. As a result of having loyal agents around, it will be easier for you to invest in skills and knowledge training for your employees.


3.     Productivity


Improving work conditions can send a message to your employees that you care about them. In return, they will reciprocate your efforts with higher productivity. They will work harder and accomplish more tasks without being reminded. Motivated agents are also likely to meet, if not exceed, expectations, such as quotas and deadlines.


4.     Employee engagement


Happy agents are more participative in efforts that aim to improve working conditions. When organizational issues arise, they will be the first ones to act on resolving them. They’re also more enthusiastic in company meetings, since they know their opinions are being heard. This can lead to healthy interactions between employees and the management.


Promoting agent welfare can bring several benefits to your call center. Evaluating how satisfied your employees are can be a good start in improving work conditions. You can do this by determining if the benefits above are already present in your organization.



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