Detail or result:
Which matters more when hiring tech support agents?

Tech talents are important assets in any Arabic call center that serves modern, web-savvy power purchasers. However, finding competent and tech experts is becoming challenging for a number of reasons that vary from place to place and company to company.

Not only are they scarce in some country’s workforce, engineers and IT experts are also highly demanded in markets with a high penetration rate for digital technology. Competition is even harder for startups and small brands that need to stand out in order to vie for the loyalty of professionals with rich technical expertise.


There is, however, another issue that’s been keeping recruiters from catching the ideal hires: call centers don’t know who to look for or what to really consider when hiring tech support agents.

The top qualifications of a good tech support representative are commonly said to be detail-oriented and results-driven, but not everyone possesses these traits nor are they equally needed in all types of accounts. So which quality should weigh more in your technical support team?

Details are important

The nature of technical support requires those who deliver it to be great with details. This is because the role involves understanding product descriptions, breaking down those complex specifications into simpler terms, and relaying them to common users. Without attention to detail, tech support reps would have a hard time absorbing instructions, much less translate them into digestible steps to solve the customers’ problems.

But it all boils down to results

Detail-oriented individuals would definitely make competent tech support agents, but this skill would be useless if they are not able to deliver bigger results. At the end of the day, tech support is not just about relaying instructions over the phone, email, or live chat; it’s more about empathizing with customers, keeping up with quotas, and harmonizing with a team. Practicing these in daily tasks results to something bigger than solving tech issues: your whole team—company even—will foster excellent customer service to the people who rely on you for tech-related problems.

Detail or result?

Although details are important, results still matter more. Knowing what you want in your team is one of the first steps towards attaining your collective goal. Get people who show promise in delivering results, hone their detail-retention skills, and they will be able contribute to your company’s overall productivity.



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Which matters more when hiring tech support agents?

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