How building customer relationships can ensure repeat business

Repeat business can be used as an indication of client satisfaction. This is why every interaction and transaction with a customer is valuable as it leads to other opportunities. One way of maximizing conversations is by building customer relationships. When Arabic customers are satisfied with the company and staff performance, they’d definitely keep you on top of their preferences and even recommend your products to their families and friends.

Here are some tips you can apply to your Arabic clients:


1.     Be transparent


Aside from making your products and services known, it’s important to let your customers know how your business runs. Giving them a glimpse of how you interact, transact, deliver, and even solve issues can make them feel comfortable dealing with your company. It also helps if your customer complaints are made visible to your consumers, especially when your business responds courteously, and steps up by owning the problem and offering effective solutions to resolve them. These are great ways to earn your customers’ confidence and win their loyalty.


2.     Create a personal vibe


Considering the conservative culture of Arabs, it’s important to be sensitive when speaking with them. As conversations become more frequent, you’ll notice they’ll start to open up as well. What you must do is to make an effort to research about their culture and traditions. Showing them your interest in their culture can lead them to show equal interest in your company. One way of displaying this is by greeting them during their religious festivals such as Eid al-Fitr and showing respect during Ramadan.


3.     Stay proactive


Knowing the satisfaction levels of customers is important in trying to improve your products and services. If they’re dissatisfied with any aspect of the customer service delivery, it’s advisable to probe for more information. This can definitely help you address their concerns and show your customers that they are well appreciated. It can also help you get hold of valuable information about your customers, letting you understand what kinds of solutions they might need in the future and anticipate their needs.



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