How to find bilingual contact center agents

The staff’s language skill is a valuable asset to every company, especially to those who have international clients. If you have Arabic customers around the world, then it’s a must to have native speakers in your workforce, since most Arabs are more comfortable speaking their own language to communicate their messages.

Arabic is one of the six official languages of United Nations. It’s also one of the widely used languages in the world, which makes it all the more crucial to have Arabic-proficient bilingual contact center agents who can render service solely to your Arabic-speaking clients. Here are ways you can search for a pool of native speakers:


1.     Outsource to a company with bilingual employees


There is a number of companies that hire bilingual individuals to ensure that they can address the country-specific needs of all their international clients. They have native speakers and people who are exposed to the culture and adept in the languages of foreign customers. These bilingual professionals undergo regular training sessions to enhance their speaking and writing skills, so there’s a high assurance that they can communicate with your clients effectively.


2.     Use online recruitment tools


Another effective way of looking for the right team of agents for your contact center is to post job ads with detailed descriptions of your requirements. Since the Arabic language has varieties based on regions, you must specify the kind of Arabic speaker you need. This way, job seekers can screen themselves first before expressing interest in joining your company.


3.     Search for foreign language institutes


Approaching institutes that offer different language programs has a great advantage to your business and their students. You give them work opportunities, while they plug their language skills and expertise to your company. By getting students straight from institutes, you are assured that their knowledge and communication abilities are honed properly by professionals.


4.     Consider repatriates and expatriates


People who have returned to their home countries after living abroad or those who migrated from the Middle East can take advantage of companies that require bilingual agents. Individuals who were exposed to different languages and cultures can easily adapt to changes. If you’re considering this approach, it helps to outsource to a contact center in the Philippines, as most Filipinos who have worked and are still working in the Middle East can converse with Arabs confidently. Also, a number of Arabs are staying in the Philippines, making it easy for you to find both repatriates and expatriates who can be part of your growing team.


It’s important to hire the right people who can attend to your customers’ needs. In order to do it effectively, you need a pool of skilled Arabic-speaking individuals who can easily communicate with your clients. This ensures smooth conversations and customer satisfaction.



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