How outsourcing to call center companies boosts customer service

In a research conducted by Digital Media Science , it shows that Arabs spend at least three to seven hours of their time online. This is a significant number that businesses must consider in finding ways to improve their customer service features. The challenge then is how they can cater to Arabic clients not only in the Middle East region, but in all parts of the world as well.


In order to compensate for the time difference, businesses can consider outsourcing to call center companies to have a team of experts to assist customers round-the-clock. While partnering with an offshore customer support team can be considered common among companies these days, some may still be doubtful whether they can truly benefit from it. If your firm is hesitant in including it in their business plans, here are some of its advantages that you need to consider.


1.     Enhances customer engagement quality


Entrusting the task of speaking, negotiating, and persuading clients to an Arabic call center can definitely do wonders for your customer support services. Outsourcing brings in a dedicated team of call center agents that have received professional training to represent your business. This means high quality support delivered to your customers—done more efficiently and accurately than an in-house staff that may not have been trained to take calls and respond to messages.


2.     Increases focus on in-house productivity


Many businesses commonly handle customer support in-house. This may prove effective for small companies, enterprises and startups, but not for a larger corporate entities. In cases like this, some of the employees may have to take on various customer service tasks as ancillary responsibilities. Aside from the possible lack of proper training, this is not advisable since this setup might compromise the quality of their other functions in the company. An outsourced team can easily take on customer care so the in-house staff can focus on your business’ growth.


3.     Extends convenience and availability for customers


Outsourcing allows you to render service beyond your regular business hours. If you have Arabic-speaking clients, then availability should absolutely be one of your priorities. Arabic is one of the official languages of the United Nations, so serving a global market means catering to over 25 countries and various nations with large Arabic-speaking populations.

A reliable outsourced call center addresses this need by providing customer support 24/7 through multiple channels they can choose from to contact your business, including the phone, over chat, or via email. This shows how customer-centric your company is, considering their needs whenever and wherever they may be.


4.     Significantly impacts business growth


How much does customer service contribute to a company’s growth? Consider this: the knowledge that a good customer support experience will accompany their every purchase is a factor that can influence your consumers’ buying decisions. This is what a Zendesk research revealed, stating that 62% of B2B and 42% of B2C customers bought more if they’re satisfied with a company’s customer service. An outsourced call center management team can definitely deliver this quality of support, ensuring optimum customer satisfaction leading to business growth.


If you’re business goal is to show your Arabic-speaking clients how valuable they are, then entrusting your customer service needs to an outsourced call center team will be a logical business strategy. This guarantees exceptional customer service, helping build your relationship with your customer while you grow your business.



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