Top 3 leadership skills you need for managing outsourced work

Outsourcing your Arabic customer service to a bilingual call center can help you build a more meaningful connection with your customers. However, you won’t be able to maximize the capacity of your outsourced team without the right set of leadership skills.


Leadership is the necessary ingredient in transforming ideas into action. If you fail to lead your customer service team to the right direction, you’ll fall short of achieving your business goals. The same thing is true when your management style isn’t applicable to the work culture of your outsourcing partner. Therefore, you have to get to know your team well and adjust accordingly.

To help you become the leader that you want to be, below are the top three leadership skills you’ll need when managing outsourced work.


1.     Decision-making


As a manager, you’ll be making most of the decisions when it comes to customer service. However, you’ll be facing many situations where there are no right or wrong choices, but you have to settle with the best option considering your unique context. Similarly, your ability to face crisis situations and make a logical decision during these times can save your company from a massive failure. Your customer service team simply cannot see you being indecisive or confused because this can affect their performance. As a leader, you have to be able to see all sides of an issue and stick to a decision that will bring you the most benefits.


2.     Ability to motivate others


How can you increase the productivity of your bilingual call center? The answer is simple: motivate your team. Focused and energized agents can get a lot of things done in a shorter amount of time. Rewarding them fairly will also motivate them to work hard and render their best performance every time they’re talking to customers. Group activities such as team building and small competitions within the team can heighten employee engagement and keep agents focused on their tasks.


3.     Effective communication


Being able to deliver your ideas clearly is one of the most important leadership skills that all managers should have. Communication fosters understanding, and understanding leads to great teamwork. Thus, if you can’t communicate well, it’s impossible to build camaraderie among the team, which could then compromise the quality of your outputs.


It’s a fact that bilingual call centers aid growing businesses worldwide in reaching out to diverse customer sectors. Developing the right set of leadership skills will help you maximize the potential of your outsourcing partner in building stronger customer relationships.



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